The World Awakens


Thanks to ‘rebranding, northeastern Africa became the Middle East. Do not be miss-led in believing that Israel was never part of Africa and taught in institutions around the world to promote ‘middle east’ countries, starting east of the Suez Canal and the Red Sea as part of Asia; therefore, placing Israel in the continent of Asia.

The original land of Ham or the continent of Africa as we know it today has been modified, maps redrawn, and Suez Canal dug dividing Egypt into two parts. In the 1850’s, a British India office originated the term middle east. In 1852 the Suez Canal was opened. In 1902, an American naval strategist, Alfred T. Mahan frequently used the term to identify the areas between Arabia and India as the Middle East.
Therefore, the children of Israel, the Hebrews or Shemites lived in Israel, within the northeastern part of the continent of Africa and Africa is largely populated by Hamites.

Rebranding continues. Nearly all Internet search results show Israel as not part of Africa, including academic literature. Modern and ancient African maps describe the Middle East as if it was titled as such as far back to the “BC” era. Again, the title, Middle East started in the 1850s. The point being made is that the original Hebrew land of Israel is originally part of the continent of Africa. When Rome destroyed Jerusalem, Israelites fled further and deeper into Africa. There was no Suez Canal prior to the destruction of Jerusalem. The Israelite Hebrews traveled by land across the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula into Egypt, and “beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.”