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The name or word “G_d’ and ‘Lord’ are titles written extensively throughout the Holy Bible.   There are those who do not pronounce or write his name (not titles) because they considered his name sacred.  The word god has its origin from German Indo-European. During the ancient times, they were called deities by Syrians and Greeks.   Therefore, the question is what is his name?

https://youtu.be/7fFMB3NfMcg – The Eve’s “Erhverhs” not Hebrews III – The Ancient Hebrew is not Lost!

Too often, little known truths presented by the least known to us are overshadowed by what may appear and sound like the truth, as the “real McCoy”, from those we see and trust daily.



Additionally, in the eth CEPHER, page 6 – 7 provides narrative for more names of the Heavenly Creator; for example, “YAH, YAHUAH and YAHUSHUA.  There are too many versions of the name of our CREATOR on U-Tube and websites.  Some names have validity, while others appear questionable.  Let’s engage your thought process for you to consider who are you going to pray, honor and serve?  If you select God, you only selected a title; for your heart and mind thinks on the CREATOR, while your mouth gives speaks out praises to an unnamed god.

When it comes to the title lord, the previous discussion also applies to this topic.  Make sure you are specific as to whom you are declaring to be your Lord and God.  This discussion would not be occurring today, had not men sinned by deciding to alter the scriptures…..and this is not the first time this has occurred.  Remember, YHWH said not to add or take away from His Words.  Therefore, it is no surprise when comparing bibles from different publishers printed many years ago against today’s versions are not all the same.  In fact, various bibles printed in modern times, have notable differences within the text.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi7U0WJgIT0 – Is Elohim a Proper Name for God the Father (Yahweh)?

The most important takeaway here is to know gain knowledge and understanding so that you can decide for yourself.  Anything or anyone can be a L_rd or G_d.  The works of men used as instruments of Satan has infiltrated the Holy Scriptures so that YAH’s people uses weaker attachments to their creator and lessens the glory and honor due his Holy Name.  Believe it or not believe?

“Seek and ye shall find.”  Of all the titles and names researched, the name YAHWEH has the most compelling evidence supporting itself as the true name of YAH, the Creator of the universe.  As forestated, YAHUAH, ADONAI, ELOHIYM are titles used in nearly all scriptures and used as “The name of God or the “The name of the Lord.”  The secret name believing Masoretic Jews stressed their point of not saying His name because it was Holy and did not want to use the name in vain.  As a result, this practice tainted the scriptures.  Therefore, when you think you are praising or calling on our true Creator by name, we’re actually reaching out to a god or a lord, unless you can be more specific.  The name YAHWEH is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the origin of the Old Testament.  All other names can be refuted, except for YAHWEH. There is no other record.  What great pleasure and honor and recognition we can give to the Mighty YAHWEH, the Creator of the universe and live and exist because of him.

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