The World Awakens



This post deserves a place all by itself.  Of all the great deceptions in the world, this one sits at the top.  The name Jesus is a made up name created less than 500 years ago.  The name we learned in scriptures written by those we thought were holy, honest and true has resulted in a continuous generational lie and falsehood to deceive the seed of Jacob and the world.  If the name Jesus was a true Hebrew name, it would have been extremely difficult for me to believe that he did not exist.  Yet, there was and is a Machiah, a Messiah with a Hebrew name and not altered to cover up his real name.  The link below is one of several versions of how the Son of YAH name was changed.  Would you want your name changed because it is different?

http://considerthis.net/Files/Textfile/names2.htm  YAHUSHUA VS JOSHUA VS JESUS

Most of the world’s greatest orchestra music known to society were created and played by people of color.  World elites know the truth, but would prefer to continue to spread lies and falsehoods in textbooks of fake, white musicians, Mozart and Beethoven.  Mozart and Beethoven were from Africa.

https://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/30740/was-mozart-black – Was Mozart black?

http://raptorific.tumblr.com/post/16866729630/beethoven-was-black –“Beethoven was Black.”

If you think theft and deception stopped long ago, think again.

https://youtu.be/droXDWFdWAgnext – Black People Invented Everything – The Computer, The Cell Phone & The Internet!

There is an old saying, “truth pressed to the ground shall always rise”. Deceit and lies are instruments of corrupt and evil individuals with a sole purpose to hide the truth, manipulate or alter the facts, and most of all, to maintain control and power over others. Nevertheless, YAH has a book of remembrance and nothing is covered that He cannot reveal. The history of the world’s enslavement of YAH’s people taken from Africa is susceptible to false narratives and innuendos used to promote division, fear and miss-trust between the descendants of slavery and the people of Africa today. Just as we now know who and where are the true descendants of the tribe of Israel, take time to read and educate yourself of the clarification and correction to who sold who into slavery, the reasons why and the cover-up which is taught around the world today.  https://thepeoplesnewsafrica.com/they-lied-to-us-africa-did-not-sell-africans-into-slavery/ –  They Lied to Us